Pain Management

Back pain

Relief With Pain Management Professionals

The professionals at Center for Advanced Pain Management and Rehabilitation, LLC treat chronic and situational pain through a multidisciplinary approach. This area of medicine is devoted to the treatment of many different pain disorders so that patients like you can gain an improved quality of life without invasive procedures.

These interventional pain management techniques are designed to help you get back to your normal everyday activities as quickly as possible without reliance on medication.

Pain Management Techniques

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"Dr. Chen had helped me with my persistent headache problem and recurring backaches. He always diagnosed the problem correctly and prescribed the right and effective treatment. The physical therapy I had at the clinic has been very helpful and has spared me from more aggressive medical procedures. When you are suffering from pain, you need a well experienced doctor like Dr. Chen for the right treatment and quick recovery. The competent, friendly, and very patient therapists here are definitely a plus."

- Frank Hsu, Google
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