Facet Injections


Multipurpose Facet Injections

Center for Advanced Pain Management and Rehabilitation, LLC does facet injections in addition to epidurals. Facet injections can be used as diagnostic testing to determine if pain is coming from your facet joints, but they can also be used as a treatment to relieve inflammation associated with some spinal conditions.

How Facet Injections Work

Your facet joints are the spaces between each set of vertebrae from the neck to the tailbone. These joints are what provide your spine with stability and the ability to bend and twist. A facet injection is done by inserting a needle directly into your facet joint to deliver medication to either diagnose a condition or relieve pain.

These injections can be either intra-articular (medicine is injected into the joint) or medial branch blocks (medication is injected into the nerve). Both procedures are performed with X-ray guidance, as with epidurals, and require local anesthetic to the area of needle insertion.
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